Religion as a conservative force

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  • Religion as a social change
    • Max Weber- Calvinism. Predestined- Calvinists worked long hours and saved their money- brought capitalism into the world
    • Conservative force
      • Conservative beliefs
        • Most religions have traditional conservative beliefs about issues- Catholic Church and contraception
        • + most religions uphold 'family values' and patriarchal roles- 'love, honour and obey'
    • Religion and social protest
      • Steve Bruce
        • American Civil Rights movement. Clergy were the backbone of the movement. Example of bringing about change
        • New Christian Right
          • Opposition to the liberalising of American society
            • Example of a failed movement for change
    • Marxism and change
      • Friedrich Engels
        • Although religion inhibits change, it can also challenge the status quo and encourage social change
      • Ernst Bloch
        • religion has dual character- positive and negative functions. Principle of hope
      • Liberation Theology
        • Emerged from the Catholic Church in the 1960s, change of direction in Latin America
      • Gramsci and Hegemony
        • Dual character, thinks popular religions help followers see through hegemony


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