Religion and Science

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  • Religion and Science
    • Creationists
      • Believe 100% The Bible is the World of God.
      • Genesis- Creation story. True.
      • The Bible is all true.
      • Fossils are a trick by the Devil to stop people believing.
    • Problems facing the Environment
      • Deforestation
      • Pollution
      • Climate change
      • Depletion of natural resources
    • Treatment of animals
      • Part of God's creation- treated with respect.
      • Not tortured or caused pain.
      • Do not have a soul.
      • Stewardship/dominion
    • How the world and humanity began:
      • Scientific Theory
        • Big Bang- Atoms collided.
        • Random, no creator.
        • Humans evolved through natural selection- survival of the fittest.
        • Charles Darwin- Theory of Evolution.
      • Christian Beliefs
        • God made the universe in 6 days
        • Doesn't mention evolution in Bible.
        • Everything made by God. God made people at the beginning- Adam and Eve.
    • God as the first cause
      • Everything comes from something.
      • God created the atoms that were COLLIDED
      • Links to Thomas Aquinas.
    • How Christians can help the planet
      • recycle, vote Green lobby politicians. Only buy eco-friendly products. Join organisations. PRAY.
    • Environment
      • For Christians the world is God's creations, and belongs to God. Humans have stewardship to care for it.
      • In the Genesis story, humans were made last and in the image of God.
      • Dominion- have control over planet and animals. Should still be subject to God's wishes.


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