Religion and medical ethics: Euthanaisa and suicide

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  • Religion and medical ethics: Euthanaisa and suicide
    • Euthanasia
      • What is it?
        • A gentle and easy death, the bringing about of this in cases of incurable and painful disease.
    • Suicide
      • What is it?
        • Ending own life
    • The law
      • Euthanasia
        • Anyone in the UK who helps the sufferer end their life risks the possibility of being charged with manslaughter. This includes doctors.
      • Suicide
        • Suicide was legalised late 1960's
    • Controversial because...
      • Does anyone have the right to end/take a life? Even their own?
      • Should doctors be playing God?
      • Is the person involoved in the right state of mind to make a decision?
    • Christian attitudes
      • "The Lord gives and the Lord takes away."
        • Job
        • Jesus heals the sick and dying in the New Testiment, he doesn't end their life
      • All human life is made in the image of God
      • "Love your neighbour"
        • Is it loving to end suffering?
        • This means we should be nursing  and removing pain, not ending life.


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