Our world

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  • Our world
    • Islam creation story
    • 'God made man in his image'
    • Angels collected 7 soils for Allah to create humans out of
    • Creation story- genesis
    • 'God gave man dominion over the animals'
    • Humans, Adam and Eve, were given responsibility to look after the world on behalf of Allah (Khalifahs)
    • All religions teach that humans were created to reproduce, take responsibility for the Earth and use their talents to care for others
    • Islam teaches: all live for and obey Allah & be Khalifahs and care for others and the Earth
    • Christianity teaches: humans are to serve/obey God, enjoy the earth and it's resources and look after the world on behalf of God (stewards)
    • Animals are God's creation and should be treated with respect 'God gave man dominion over the animals' which means humans have a responsibility to look after them
      • Islam: animals are part of Allah's creation so must be cared for. Role of Khalifahs
    • Christians believe that they should: preserve natural resources, protect environment from pollution as they will be judged on Judgement day
    • Muslims believe the importance to preserve the fifrah (balance) in the natural world, that they should avoid pollution and care for the animals as they believe they'll be judged on Judgement day
  • Creation story- genesis


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