Religion And Life Issues

By MaRiAa_N

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  • Religion And Life Issues
    • Looking for meaning (3)
      • Community
        • A  group of people with something in common. e.g. sharing the same faith.
      • God
        • Ultimate being the creator and sustainer of the world. Deity is a visible form of the power behind the world.
      • Awe
        • Completeley overwhelmed by a sense of God's presence.
      • Revelation
        • Something shown or explained that was previously hidden.
      • Symbolism
        • Something that points to or explains something else.
      • Afterlife
        • The belief that there is some kind of life after death of the body.
    • Is It Fair? (2)
      • Injustice
        • Withholding someones human rights eg: imprisonment without trial.
      • Authority
        • Right or power over others E.g priest, a set of laws or even teachings from sacred text.
      • Discrimination
        • Treating people differently because of their race, gender, religion or class.
      • Prejudice
        • When a person is judged without evidence.
      • Identity
        • The personality and character of an individual.
      • Equality
        • Being treated the same.
    • Our World (4)
      • Humanity
        • Caring for other human beings.
      • Environment
        • The natural world all about us: plants, insects, animals and humans.
      • Soul
        • The part of humans that lives on after the body has died.
      • Dominion
        • Being in charge of the world.
      • Stewardship
        • To look after and care for the world.
      • Creation
        • Making something deliberately for a purpose.
    • Relationships (1)
      • Love
        • To have a deep affection and express it through words and actions.
      • Conflict
        • Working against each other rather than in unity.
      • Reconciliation
        • Apologise or say sorry and become friends again.
      • Commitment
        • Making and keeping a promise.
      • Responsibility
        • Duties you should carry out.
      • Chastity
        • Decision not to have sex before marriage.
    • MaRiaa Nasim




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