Relgion and life issues

Just a little mind map that i think has really helped me and i hope it helps you to:)

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  • Religion and Life Issues
    • Animal rights
      • Animals should be treated fairly and not to be abused.
    • Conception
      • When a baby is born.
    • Discrimination
      • Its a prejudicial or distinguishing treatment to an individual
    • Stewardship
      • God given the responsibility to care for the world.
    • Stereotype
      • When you judge someone on what they look and act like.
    • Sanctity of Life
      • Its the belief that all life from conception has a right to live.
    • Quality of Life
      • The general and well being of an individual
    • Homophobia
      • Hatred towards  homosexuals, e.g. Gays and Lesbians
    • Humanity
      • all the people who live on the earth are given a sense of compassion or benevolence towards other members of the human race.
    • Dominon
      • Being in charge and having power over others
    • Celibacy
      • abstinence from a sexual relationship
    • Chastity
      • No sex before marriage, this means that they are remaining sexually pure for marriage.


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