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  • Religion and life
    • Religious upbringing
      • Baptism
        • Welcomed into the church with family, friends.
      • School
        • Christian parents may choose a Church school to educate child in christian faith
      • Worship
        • Sunday school to learn about jesus, they will celebrate Christian festivals
      • Confirmed
        • Support your belief and allow to renew the vows made at baptism
      • Parents example
        • Children see there parents as role models.
    • Religious experience
      • Prayer
        • An attempt to contact God usually through words
      • Miracles
        • Something which breaks the law of science making you think god has done
      • Conversion
        • When you life is changed by giving yourself to god
      • Numinous experience
        • The feeling of presence of something greater than you
    • Design argument
      • For
        • Shows evidence of being designed : gravity
          • A being with intelligence must have  designed the universe
            • Can't of happened by chance  or by anything other than God
              • Therefore God exists
      • Against
        • We can't prove his existence
        • Theory of evoluntion
          • Species developed over millions of years
        • DA only states he is the designer
    • Causation arguement
      • Against
        • Cannot be proved
          • The universe doesn't have to have a cause.
            • The argument only suggest he made the universe.
              • Big bang.
                • What made god?
    • Scientific explanations
      • For
        • Bible's description is more of a story
          • The 6 days were not actual time peridos
        • Science describes how the universe was created whilst the bible is why
      • Against
        • Big bang theory
          • 15 billion years ago
        • Natural selection
          • Species naturally select the best charateristcs for survival
        • Evolution
          • Species evolved over millions of years
    • Unanswered prayers
      • Problems
        • If they are not answered people will think that God isn't listening
        • May lead to people questioning their belief.
        • If people pray to stop suffering and it doesn't stop people may feel their prayers have been unanswered.
      • Reasons
        • Selfish prayers r not answered
        • What they are praying for is not part of Gods Divine plan.
        • They feel God isn't listening to them
        • If they don't have enough faith God will not answer their prayers
  • DA only states he is the designer


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