Religion and Early Life definitions

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  • Religion and Early Life definitions
    • Abortion
      • the deliberate termination of ending a pregnancy
    • Adoption
      • legal process of bringing a child into the family as a son or daughter
    • embryo
      • a fertilized ovum at 12 - 14 das when implanted into the wall of the ovum
    • foetus
      • fertilized ovum at eleven weeks when the organs have devloped
    • conception
      • when sperm and egg meet
    • miracle of life
      • the idea that life is wonderful amazing and special
    • blessing
      • the idea that god has favoured one couple with a child
    • fostering
      • taking of a child from a different family and bringing them up with the rest of the new family.
        • can be short term or long term
    • pro life
      • in favour of the life of a foetus
    • pro choice
      • a womens right to choose whether she wants an abortion or not
    • quality of life
      • a measure of fulfillment
        • child should have a certain quality of life
        • if a child will live to suffer it is best to have an abortion rather them live to suffer


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