Religion and Conflict

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  • Religion and Conflict?
    • Islam
      • Peace
        • Islam is from a word meaning peace
        • Allah commanded people to live in peace
      • War
        • The greater Jihad is the struggle against temptation and disobedience to Allah
        • Conflict should only be to bring peace and freedom
        • Harb Al Mucadis
      • Non-Violent Protests
        • Live in peace
        • When striving for justice, force might be needed
      • Suffering
        • Allah's great plan
        • it's a test
        • can lead to good
        • Supporting sufferers=five pillars of faith
      • Reconcilliation
        • Allah will forgive
        • Prophet of Muhammad
        • Rules of war=min force, disciplined, avoid injury to civilians
    • Christianity
      • Quakers
      • Non-violent protest
        • NO VIOLENCE
        • Humane and creative
        • St PAul said we should obey the authorities, Martin Luther Kin Jr
      • War
        • 'Take the sword, die by the sword'
        • Love enemies
        • JUST WAR
      • Suffering
        • Cause of suffering: free will being given to hummanity, 'moral evil','natural evil', the choice to do something bad
        • Can lead to...good things,saving work of Jesus, make you stronger
      • Peace
        • Retaliation is wrong
        • 'Blessed are the peacemakers'
      • Forgiveness and Reconciliation
        • 'Happy are those who are merciful to others'
        • Lord prayer
        • Martin Luther King Jr
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