Religion and Conflict - War

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  • Religion and Conflict (1)
    • War
      • Non-Violent Protests
        • Christians
          • It is humane
          • It's preferred to be non-violent as Jesus taught it and showed it.
            • St Paul and Christians should obey the government
          • Christians are supposed to stand up for Justice. e.g Martin Luther King
        • Judaism
          • Peace and harmony between people is hoped for.
          • Peace and reconciliation should be offered before war.
            • It's right to defend justice and life even if force and violence are needed.
    • Teachings about conflict and war
      • Christians
        • Sometimes it is okay to go to war - Just War
          • Jesus said 'those who take up the sword, die by the sword'
            • Jesus said 'turn the other cheek'
            • Golden Rule 'To treat others the way you wish to be treated'
              • Good Samaritan teaches us to love our neighbor.
          • Loving enemies and praying tor them is better
        • Some believe that Jesus wasn't violent and we should follow this e.g Quakers
      • Jews
        • Peace is the ideal state
          • When faced with conflict, must attempt to find peace.
        • Three types of war can be justified:          - Obligatory    - Defensive   - Optional
    • Just War
      • When Just War is okay
        • Last Resort
        • Cause
        • Right intention
          • Probability of success
      • How Just War must be fought
        • Discrimination
        • Proportionally
        • No means that are evil in themselves


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