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  • Religion
    • Beginning- not so good F thinks Religion = waste of time
      • But he cannot escape it, even on his travels abroad
    • Written in England during highly protestant time
      • Believed only God can save you
    • F ultimate sin = selling soul to devil.
      • Real downfall = not deed but the denying of Christ's ability to save him
    • Unconventional ending as F denied salvation allows for Marlowe to criticise christ
      • Are his powers limited? Those who call won't necessarily get support, or worse = there is no christ in which to find salvation.
    • Controversial ending- Does it reflect Marlowe's belief
      • Marlow was agnostic or atheist
    • " A sound magician is a mighty God"
      • The only way to achieve true power is to free ones self from religious constraints
    • "Necromantic books are heavenly"
      • Against Catholic teachings, readers of Marlowes day would find this shocking = blasphemy


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