Religion in Tis Pity and The Wife of Bath

A comparison of religion in Tis Pity and The Wife of Bath

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  • Religion
    • Friar
      • Has an extensive knowledge and strong belief in Christian teachings and tries to use these to guide Giovanni
      • Strongly believes in redemption
        • "There is, despair not: heaven is merciful"
    • Cardinal
      • A very strong religious figure
        • Also a strong political figure
          • This is why Vasques invited him to the feast, so he could cast judgement of the revealing of the incestuous relationship
        • Strong religious figures such as the Cardinal are used by the wife to argue her points
      • Used to show the corruption of the Catholic Church
        • Moral abiguity
        • Excuses Grimaldi of murder yet criticises Florio for choosing the wrong suitor
        • Ford lived in a time of great religious instability. Catholics, puritans and Protestants all reigned within his lifetime
          • The reformation was an attempt to establish a protestant state
    • Giovanni
      • Has a vast knowledge of of classics and uses this to justify his beliefs that the church disagrees with
        • Wife of Bath has a vast knowledge of both the classics and Christianity and uses both to justify her point, even if sometimes subverting their meaning
        • The Friar often advices Giovanni to repent for his sins yet he does not. This is likely as he does not believe his actions are sinful
    • Florio
      • Believes in religion, yet knows there is corruption within the church
        • "Justice is fled to Heaven and comes no nearer"
          • "Heaven will judge them for't another day"
    • Annabella - imagery
      • Balcony - symbolises her distance from heaven and hell
        • On the balcony, away from Giovanni and watching the other suitors, she is closer to heaven
        • Off the balcony to see Giovanni she is then closer to hell due to their sinful relationship
      • kneeling between herself and Giovanni - symbolising prayer that occurs in marriage
    • Wife's Tale
      • Focus on the supernatural rather than religion
    • The wife
      • On a pilgrimage
        • Strongly critical of religion
          • The great schism was a huge controversy which involved two pope's, one in France and one in Italy
            • Caused great doubt on religion as this spanned for several decades
      • Remarriage
        • Her justification is God says: "God bad us for to wex and multiplie"
          • She has no children


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