Religion, War and Peace

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  • Religion, War and Peace 1
    • Name some wars
      • World War 1, World War 2, Falklands War, Afghan War, Boer War, Cold War.
    • List some causes of War
      • Government disputes, overthrowing a tyrant, over resources, over land, to defend another country, to fight terrorism.
    • What are the top 6 reasons to go to war?
      • 1) To defend their country 2) To defend freedom/life 3)To defend an ally 4)To remove a leader. 5)To gain territory/power 6) To stop atrocities.
    • Explain the Syrian War:
      • In March 2011 democracy protests turned violent, and security opened fire. This turned into civil war as the country tried to overthrow President Assad. In 2013, the government dropped chemical weapons.
    • What are weapons of mass destruction?
      • Weapons intended to kill as many people nd cause as much damage as possible, includes chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.
    • What are the arguments for and against Nuclear Weapons?
      • For: Keep peace, necessary resort to protect country, only for emergencies.
      • Against: Could get in to the wrong hands, world would die out if war started, threatening and cause competition.
    • What are the different types of weapon?
      • Conventional: Allowed, small arms. e.g guns. Chemical: WMDs, world ban, gases, cause pain. e.g. Nerve gas. Biological: living organisms, insects, banned, cheap but deadly. Nuclear: Used twice USA on Japan. Long term effect.
    • Define nuclear proliferation:
      • Spread of nuclear weapons across the world.
    • What are Holy and Just Wars?
      • A holy war is where a religion fights another religion over a religious issue, whereas a jsut war is When a religion supports a political conflict believing there is a greater good.
      • The difference between them is that one is started by a government and the other by a religious leader.
    • What are the just war conditions?
      • -Must be started by authorities -Must be deserved - Peace must be restored - last resort - outcome must be better than the evil that led to war - proportional, no injured civilians.
    • What is Liberation Theology?
      • Form of Christianity that believe that social action (physical force) should be taken against misuse of power and social injustice.
    • What happened in the 2003 Iraq war?
      • The UN were against war, but Britain and America went anyway. Thousands of civilians were killled, and no WMDs were found.
    • Who was Father Camilo Torres?
      • Catholic priest, tried to change the gap between rich and poor, used violence, had to leave priesthood.


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