Education under Stalin and Lenin

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  • Education under Stalin and Lenin
    • Education under Stalin
      • Centralised school by Narkonpros
        • Academic curriculum, teaching, exams, homework, uniform
      • Collective farms responsible for schools
        • Core subjects of science, reading, writing and maths
      • Parents expected to pay for school
      • Nursery started at 3, infant school until 7, secondary until 15
        • 1935, quota system replaced by selection, the able got  strong education
        • Emphasis on training specialists for industry, math, science
          • For less able, practical work encouraged
          • Being loyal to the party/state emphasised
            • Teachers likely to be party members
              • Risked being arrested if not achieving high targets
                • If students failed they had a risk of being purged
      • History of imperial past introduced, Stalin's role in the revolution emphasised
        • Closeness with Lenin exaggerated
        • Military training prior to ww2
      • Veshenka controlled universities,
      • USSR needed skilled and educated workforce
        • To industrialise
    • Education under Lenin
      • Financial pressures caused universal schooling to be abandoned under NEP
        • Teachers lost authority and were badly paid, poor resources
    • Free education for those over 9
      • Coeducational schools
  • Impact of Stalin's policies
    • Spread literacy levels in the countryside
    • By 1941, 94% of people in towns were literate and 86% in the counryside
    • Could absorb propaganda more easily
    • Improvements at university
      • Number of working class going dropped
    • Number of upper class children attending secondary school dropped


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