Religion and Morality

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  • Religion is the source of morals
    • Divine Command Theory
      • If God doesn't exist, everything is allowed
      • Many religions believe you should obey God to avoid punishment
      • Is fear of punishment a good reason to be moral?
      • "blessed are those who hear the word of God and obey it"
      • Isn't part of being moral making up our own minds
      • God's will alone decides what is right or wrong
    • Aquinas
      • Based on Plato's analogy of the Cave
      • So there must be some amazing things that they are being measured agaisnt
      • Copplestone "I do think that all goodness reflects God in some way and proceeds from him"
      • Is reference to God the only way to measure Goodness
      • The Fourth Way- among being somethings are better, truer and more noble
    • Kant
      • However it would be impossible to achieve in one lifetime
      • By the use of reason all Humans can recognise  moral laws
      • We all have a moral duty to strive for the highest form of good Summum Bonum
      • Therefore we must have an immortal soul and therefore god must exist for the state to exist
    • Newman
      • Many believers feel it must be trained to figure out God's will
      • The conscience might not be God given, nor universal
      • The Bible describes the conscience as God given
      • It is also subject to human's interpretation
      • The conscience is the way in which we know about God, we find a moral authority which is higher than any other
      • Freud argued that it is the part of the mind that controlled human behaviour
    • Reasons for
      • Religious people are expected to have higher moral codes
      • Morals are influence by religion and looks toward them to make moral stands
      • Religious leaders have historically stood up against moral injustices
      • Moral codes come from religions and are judged against religious standards
    • Examples of Moral Acts
      • All major religion teach about love and compassion
      • MLK and the civil rights movement
      • Offers an alternative to materlism
      • Mother Teresa inspired by religion
      • Stalin's Russia and Hitler's Germany were suppressed
      • Gandhi's teaching of non-violence


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