Religion for the Tudor people

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  • Religion for the people
    • Pilgrimage
      • Canterbury
      • Rogantide
        • Banging of sticks around the borders of a village/town
    • Church - purgatory
      • Undo sins
        • 7 sacraments
          • Lessen your time in purgatory
      • Mass (service)
        • Eucharist
          • Transubstantiation
            • Body of Jesus was represented by bread
            • Blood of Jesus was represented by wine
            • This is when Jesus becomes apart of you
        • Everybody wanted to go this service
    • Pay - for sins to be forgiven (Penances)
      • Wills - when they die, they leave their money for the church
      • Catholics believe in prayers for the dead (prey for your soul)
        • Monks prey for your soul
    • Guilds and Confratemites
      • Highways
      • Ale festivals
      • Aristocracy, nobles etc
        • Schools
        • Seawalls


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