Religion and Tradition

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  • Religion and Tradition
    • Religion was closely linked to nature
      • The Native Americans believed that humans are part of nature
      • Believed in spirits/ spiritual people
      • Visions
    • Circles and animal spirits were important
      • saw all things as been connected
        • For this reason circles were spiritually important to them
      • Believed all things had spirits
      • Performed ritual dances
      • They believed even non living things like rocks and mountains had spirits.
    • Medicine Man
      • used to describe member of Native American tribes who were important for their connection to the power of the spirits
      • Medicine men had strength, courage and understanding of both the visible and invisible world
      • 'Making medicine' meant to appeal to spirits via prayer,ritual or ceremony
    • Oral history
      • Didn't have handwriting
      • passed on by telling stories


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