Religion and the Supernatural

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  • Religion and the Supernatural
    • religion
      • good characters
        • part of the Great Chain of Being or seek to maintain it
          • Young Siward
            • dies fighting for Malcolm
              • "God's soldier" SIWARD
        • King Duncan
          • murdered
            • "the great doom's image!" MALCOM
              • references Christian idea of the Last Judgement (Doomsday)
                • God will glorify the good and punish the evil
                  • King's religious significance as God's chosen ruler
        • Malcolm
        • Macduff
    • supernatural
      • bad characters
        • witches
          • corrupting influence on nature and humankind
            • "infected be the air whereon they ride; / and damn'd all those that trust them!" MACBETH
              • disease that draws people towards Hell
        • Lady Macbeth
          • prays to the supernatural
            • "come to my woman's breasts, / and take my milk for gall, you murth'ring ministers." LADY MACBETH
              • excess gall was believed to create anger and aggression in the Four Humours
                • emphasises the idea of the supernatural as violent, abnormal and destroyer of innocence
        • Macbeth
          • torn between religion and supernatural in first half
            • battles with conscience over killing the king
              • wants to pray after murder but can't
            • being referred to as evil by act 4
              • "devilish"
              • "cursed"
    • presented as contrasts
      • religion linked to goodness and equilibrium
      • supernatural linked to evil and chaos
      • juxtaposition of images


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