AQA GCSE RE Religion and Life part 2: Abortion

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  • Religion and life part two- Abortion
    • Religious viewpoints
      • Christianity
        • For
          • Lesser of two evils
          • Quality of life: it's more loving to not allow somebody to suffer
        • Against
          • "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you"
          • Sanctity of life which means all life is sacred and God-given
          • Ten commandments: "do not kill"
          • "I , your God, gives life only I can take away"
      • Islam
        • For
          • As long as it is before ensoulment
          • Where the woman's life is at risk, it is allowed
        • Against
          • "Do not take life- which Allah has made sacred"
          • Each person is created by Allah himself
    • Key terms
      • Abortion
        • Termination of an in-womb foetus.
      • Euthanasia
        • Killing someone painlessly and with compassion to end suffering
      • Quality of life
        • General well-being in relation to health and happiness.
      • Sanctity of life
        • All life is sacred and God-given
      • Pro-life
        • Against all abortions
    • The Law
      • Legal in the UK since 1967
      • Allowed up until 24 weeks
        • Legal in the UK since 1967
      • Conditions
        • The woman's life is at risk
        • Risk to the mother's physical or mental health
        • Significant risk that the baby will be born with a severe disability
        • May affect the health of existing children
    • Pro-Life
      • Sanctity of life
      • All DNA is present at conception- abortion is a form of murder
      • Foetus is alive
      • We shouldn't play God
      • Choice is taken away from the child
    • Pro-choice
      • Lesser of two evils
      • Mother should be put first
      • It's the woman's body
      • Could have negative effects
    • Other options
      • Adoption
      • Foster care
      • Keeping the child


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