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  • religion and life MATTERS OF LIFE AND DEATH euthanasia
    • non religious in favour
      • may be the lesser of two evils, if someone is in grate pain and its hurting the family to see
      • if an animal were suffering we would put it down as it is the most humane thing to do
      • we should have freedom on what we want to do with our lives
      • keeping someone on a life support machine means they have poor quality of life
    • non religious against
      • euthanasia is just a fancy word for murder and murder is illegal
      • drugs like morphine can be used to control pain
      • it is wrong to have to ask a doctor who has signed an oath to save people, to kill someone
      • in the future there may be a cure for the disease and that person would of died for nothing, causing grief for the family
    • Christian attitudes
      • life is holy and belongs to God therefore he should be the only one to take and create life. Euthanasia goes against him
      • Jesus dealt with his suffering on the cross for us, so we should cherish and preserve life not end it
      • God tells us not to kill in the 10 commandment
      • in the bible it says love thy neighbor and euthanasia might be the most loving option
    • Muslim attitudes
      • if that person is brain dead then Allah has already taken that person
      • thought of as suicide which is condemmed in the qur'an
      • only god can decide when we die - AL qadar


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