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  • religion and life MATTERS OF LIFE AND DEATH abortion
    • law
      • 1967- 2 doctors agree life is at risk, baby is deformed or risk to health of child
      • 1990- abortion cannot take place 24 weeks after pregnancy
    • non religious arguments in favour
      • it is the mothers body and she should have free will
      • if the child is unwanted it is not fair and will have a poor quality of life
      • the mothers welfare is more important than an unborn babies
      • the mother may of been *****
    • non religious arguments against
      • abortion is a form of murder so therefore should be illegal
      • the baby is classed as alive as soon as its heart is beating which is in two weeks. Therefore everybody has the right to be born and meet their full potential
      • all life has value it cannot be disposed of when it suits somebody
    • Christian teachings
      • roman Catholics believe life begins at conception so abortion is murder= SIN
      • Sanctity of life says all life is holy and belongs to God so destroying life goes against him
      • Some believe it is OK under certain circumstances if it is the lesser of two evils
    • Muslim teachings
      • Hadith says baby gets soul at 120 days some allow it until then
      • some say its murder and the qur'an condems murder its one of the worst sins
      • shariah says if the mothers life is at risk it is acceptable


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