BELIEVING IN GOD suffering and evil

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  • religion and life
    • Christian responses to evil and suffering
      • Jesus died on the cross for our sins so now it is our time to suffer and show strength to God
      • Humans have free will, sometimes god cannot prevent the suffering you have caused for yourself. If we didn't have free will we would be robots.
      • Life is a test and battling through suffering determines whether you will go to heaven or hell
      • Humans are so corrupt that not even God can solve the suffering we have caused for ourselves.
    • why evil and suffering proves God does not exist
      • God is supposed to be omni-benevolent so would not want his followers to suffer yet he does, this proves he is horrible so is NOT god
      • God is supposed to be omnipotent so would have the power to stop the evil yet he lets it happen proving he is not omni-benevolent
      • God is supposed to be omniscient so would have the knowledge to know how to stop the evil and suffering yet it continues proving he is not wise
      • Christians say he is all of these things yet suffering proves he isn't therefore he cannot exist


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