BELIEVING IN GOD for and against god

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  • religion and life
    • arguments for gods existence
      • Design argument: William Paley +Everything has a maker
      • Causation argument: Nothing happens by itself everything has a cause and they only person powerful enough = GOD
        • In the bible god said 'Let there be light', this is though the be the big bang
      • Religious upbringing: chruch on sunday, religious school ect ect
      • Religious experiences: Numinous, miracle, near death, answered prayer and paranormal
    • arguments against gods existence
      • scientific explanations: The big bang theory has evidence of background microwave radiation + red shift
      • unanswered prayer: god is mean to be benevolent and want to help
      • Evil and suffering: goes against the inconsistent triad
      • Charles Darwin: prooved evolution therefore God did not make this happen
        • Also no proof of God


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