Religon and Food Chioces

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  • Religion and Food Choices
    • What are the roles of food in religion?
      • To communicate to God.
      • To demonstrate Faith through following religious rites concerning diets.
      • To develop discipline through fasting.
    • Islam
      • No Pork Meat.
      • The Karan outline the food that you allowed to eat and the food that are probhibited
      • Beef, lamb and Chicken can only be eaten if the animal has been slaughtered in the halal method.
        • Muslims will only eat meat slaughtered by Muslims, Christians or Jews.
      • The animal that they do eat have to have all the blood drain from there body.
      • During Ramadan all Islam's need to refrain from eating, drinking and smoking from sunrise to sunset.
        • Ramadan is the ninth month on Islam's Calendar.
    • Hindusim
      • All meat is prohibited apart form Lamb, Chicken and Fish
        • Strict Hindus will be vegertarians
      • Some Hindu's may avoid eating Garlic, Salted Pork, Milk, Onions, eggs and coconut.
      • Hindu's don't eat beef because they high the cow in high regards.
      • Some Hindu's Fast on special occasion to show devotion to god.
    • Judasim
      • No Pork, Chicken, Non Kosher Meat and lamb.
      • Kosher - Method of butchering meat.
        • Kosher meat has to prepared with a single knife to cut  open to throat to kill the animal and the blood has to be drained. The meat has to be soaked in water and lightly salted to remove all traces of blood.
      • The Torah outlines they food you are allowed to eat and the food that are prohibited.
      • Meat and dairy products must not be prepared or eaten together.
    • Sikhism
      • No Pork, Beef, halal and Kosher.
        • Won't eat Kosher or halal meat because it is not part of their religion therefore it can't be apart of theirs.
      • No Alchol
    • Buddism
      • Vegetarian and vegans
        • They believe they should not be responsible for death of a living organism.
      • No Alchol


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