GCSE - Ethics 1 - Religion and Equality

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  • GCSE Ethics 1 - Religion and equality
    • Forgiveness and reconciliation
      • Gee Walker - forgave her sons killer - 'Forgive 70x7'
      • Jesus - 'father forgive them for they know not what they do'
      • Coventry Cathedral - Public forgiveness to Germany for destroying the city
      • The Lords Prayer - 'Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us'
    • Sexism
      • Only men were disciples, BUT Jesus appeared to a woman first after he died
      • The Salvation army have always allowed women ministers
      • Christianity is traditionally a Patriarchal society (men in charge) due to Adam and Eve:
        • Eve was punished with childbirth pains
        • Eve tricked Adam to eat the fruit
        • Eve was made for Adam
      • Women cant be a priest in RC church,  CofE allowed women Bishops (1994 - Vicars).  men have to play Jesus - transubstantiation (when the bread and wine become blood and flash.  needs a man to do it)
      • 'women should be silent in church', 'I do not permit women to teach' - Timothy 1, 'we are all equal in Gods eyes' - Galatians 3;28
    • Other religions
      • The bible cannot be seen as inclusivist to eastern religions e.g. Hinduism
        • In modern times religions have tried to work together in the name of peace e.g. Jerusalem is a holy place for 3 religions
      • Jesus said 'no one comes to God except through me'. exclusivists - only the religion is right, would rather die than change religion
        • The crusades proved that Christians could not agree with other religions
      • Interfaith dialogue
    • Bible teachings on equality
      • Equality
        • 'God has no favorites'
        • 'everyone is equal in the eyes of God'
        • 'love thy neighbour'
        • 'not Jew nor Gentile'
        • 'wives submit to your husbands' 'husbands love your wives' - Ephesians 5
      • Inequality
        • Adam and Eve - Adam was more important, Adam made first, Eve made from Adam's rib etc
    • Racism
      • Many Christians were members of the slave trade and Christians have been racist
      • The story of the good Samaritan
      • Desmond Tutu - black Archbishop fought against apartheid (racism in Africa) - white people of the Dutch Reformed Church were taught that they were superior to black people
      • 'We are all one in Christ Jesus'
      • MLK - Pacifist who fought for equal rights for Black people
      • Christianity, unlike Judaism, is a religion that isn't based on race
    • Ecumenism, evangelism and missionary work
      • Gospel choirs sing to upbeat music - means 'good news' in Greek
      • Africa - missionary work caused Christianity to become a worldwide religion
      • Ecumenism - working with different groups of Christianity.  modern concept is to work together and promote Christianity as one
        • 'March for Jesus' promoted ecumenism
      • evangelism - duty of church to preach Christianity 'preach the gospel to every creature'
        • Concerts, leaflets, door knocking


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