Duality in Jekyll and Hyde

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  • Duality
    • Religion
      • "like Satan" simile
      • "Satan's signature" hissing sibilance
      • "child of hell"
      • "hissing intake of breath" zoomorphic verb represents snake in Garden of Eden
    • Darwinism
      • "snarled"
      • "a masked thing like a monkey"
      • "drinking pleasure with bestial avidity" pleasures are seen as the satisfactions of some primitive, animalistic impulse
      • "ape-like spite"
        • "ape-like tricks"
      • "ape-like tricks"
      • "ape-like fury"
        • "ape-like spite"
        • "the animal within me licking the chops of memory" metaphor presents evil as insatiable
      • Freud
        • "his conscience slumbered" links to Freudian concepts of repressed id and the moral superego
        • "a solution to the bonds of obligation"
        • "***** of these lendings and spring headlong into the sea of liberty"


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