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  • Religion
    • Stalin shared Lenin's belief that there was no place for religion in a socialist society.
    • In 1928, with the first 5YP, a new campaign against Churches began.
    • Prohibition on Orthodox Churches and monasteries as well as the closure of synagogues and mosques.
    • Clerics who refused to cooperate were arrested.
      • Thousands in Moscow and Leningrad went into exile.
    • Stalin needed everyone to focus on industrialising.
    • Priests were publicly humiliated and forced to do demeaning tasks.
    • March 1930, Pope Pius XI announced a special day of prayer against the persecutions.
    • Stalin eventually decided to take a softer line.
      • This didn't last long and by the late 1930s the Great Terror had begun.
        • IN 1940, 500 CHURCHES WERE OPEN. THIS IS 1% OF 1917.
    • In 1946 Stalin required that all Christian denominations in the USSR come under the authority of the Orthodox Church.
      • This ensured that religion did not become a political opposition.


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