Relative Poverty

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  • Relative Poverty
    • Peter Tonswend
      • Completely disagreed with the absolute poverty definition.
      • Poverty goes beyond 'basic necessities.
      • As society changes, the definition for poverty must reflect this change.
    • Household Below Average Income
      • Those below the 60% median income.
      • Labour Government (1997-2005)
      • Mainly used to identify child poverty.
    • Deprivation Index
      • Those who meet the indicators of deprivation based on what is needed in society at that time.
      • Townsend
    • Consensual Approach
      • Those who do not require 3/22 items on the list of basic needs are seen as being in poverty.
      • Mack and Lansley 1998
      • Gordon 2000


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