Spanish- Relationships with family and friends

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  • Relationships with family and friends
    • Me llevo bien con
      • I get on well with
    • Me llevo bien con mi madre porque es muy simpática
      • I get on well with my mother because she's very nice
      • Very well: muy bien
      • brilliantly: estupendamente
      • badly: mal
      • dreadfully: fatal
    • No me llevo bien con mi padre porque es estricto
      • I don't get on well with my father because he's strict
      • My stepfather: Mi padrastro
      • My grandfather: mi abuelo
      • My brother: mi hermano
    • Me llevo bien con mis hermanos, pero a veces nos peleamos
      • I get on well with my brothers and sisters, but we sometimes argue
    • key words
      • Boyfriend: novio
      • Girlfriend:Novia
      • They broke up:Su disolución
      • Divorce: divorcio
      • To get married:A la hora de contraer matrimonio
      • Baby: bebé
      • To get divorced:Que se divorcia




This is wonderful. You have got the basics but you can also add you own. The colour is also great as it helps to sink the information into your brain.

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