Relationships PSYA3

Some things will not make any sense at all :) I have really done this to help trigger studies and stuff sorry!

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  • Relationships
    • Romantic relationships
      • Formation
        • Byrne cl- rewards nee, direct/classical, Walster-matching hyp, realistic-reciprocated. 2-Hays:Giving satisfied-reduct, ecological valid. Lott- Mum concered child. GB-Alpha, walster- comp dance. Murnst- +corr couples= last. Hatfield- Gdiggers?
      • Maintenance
        • 1- 2x economical theories, rewards/needs theory: rewards-loss , equity theory.2-mills+ Clarke: 2x type couple-communal,  xchange-point scoring  hatfield- over,underbenifi= angry, canary- perceived equal=lasts, rusbult- honeymoon-long term explanatory, Dainton- 219 inequitable= want to last
      • Breakdown
    • HRB
      • Sexual seltion + HRB
        • Sex selec-pressures-hair, peacocks tail- men, copulation sexual selec inter fem, intra males, evolution symmetrical  2- BUss-37 male pref: fertility, Dunbar-newspaper, date sex selec,
          • IDA-  GB:alpha; 75%men 0%women etc
      • Sexual selection
        • Sigh- 0.7 hip- waist ratio, Thornhill, symmetrical faces.
      • Parental investment
        • 1-male can opt out, cuckoldry, jealousy, choosy- Baker-2000 extra maritial affairs. 2-buss: Physiological sup, Anderson:step-fathers- jel tactic?
      • POC
        • 1-conflict b4, high BP. pre-eclampsia, weaning conflict, sibling rivalry 2-conflict b4- pre eclam= xiong- larger baby. some opt out, develop cooperativeness traits. salmon &daly Sibling rivalry- stopped, if different paths.andrews middle child syndrome
    • Early experience
      • Influences, exp on childhood
        • parent-childh: bowlby attach theory; mem working model, avoidant- loveless sex= pleasuring. Peers- more trust, shape 4 future. 2-fraley:low corr attach + rela simpson- child longitudal study. Alt- allen +Land:parent template- move on intimacy. Madden-xessive dating=bad. roismen-no correlation
    • Cultural
      • Individual- free will, autonomy, less gains, Marriage-prerequisite 4 love. Collectivism- Wife dowry, arranged marriage, 4 community 2- Allgereit- 14%male 8% fem yes no love. Sprecher- Russia, ***, no amer, universal- no diff? fischer- hunter gatherer soci.- Method nvn- urban free will- divorce


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