Religion - relationships

Divorce, Wedding Ceremony, Marriage

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  • Relationships
    • Christians - marriage
      • Marriage was created by God, marriage is an agreement because two people whilst God is watching.
      • Sex should take place ONLY in marriage, kids should be brought up in marriage, God expects couples to be sexually faithful, marriage is God's plan for humanity, God joins them together for life
    • Christian Wedding Ceremony
      • Alter - stand at front, in the presence of God, Priest asks if people have any reasons for them not to marry, the couple promise to be loyal (say their vows), they have rings and the circle symbolises the unending love, marriage is act of worship (songs are sung and stuff), after the ring theres a union which the priests announces they're husband and wife.
    • Judaism - marriage
      • Marriage begins the contract between 2 people with God's blessing, they love eachother when they're married and their love gets stronger in marriage.
      • Marriage must be between a man and a women, kids are important part of marriage, sex is ament to happen in marriage.
    • Jewish Wedding Ceremony
      • It'll take place in a Synagoguge, or in open air, any day except Shabbat. They'll prepare before, and the ceremony takes place under the Chuppah symbolises the home they'll build together, the rings show everlasting love, blessings of wine amd marriage means God has blessed the couple, Signing the Ketubah is a marriage contract, breaking wine of glass shows fhow easy marriage can break, it's fragile!!
    • Christians and Divorce
      • Roman Catholic Church and divorce = difficult situatin as God joined the couple together. Couple can seek an annulment
        • Annulment can be granted it - couple didn't understand what they was doing, one didn't want to get married, one of the partners didn't want to have children and the other partner never knew, the couple never had sex in the marriage.
      • Anglican - accept divorce but wil not remarry divorced people unless Priest agrees.
      • Remarriage is seen as commiting adultery by some Christians are the couple were joined by God and can't be broken, however some think it's fine.
    • Jews and Divorce
      • Only allows as last resort, community will supprt couple to try and keep them together, couple will apply to the Bet Din where judge will question the witnesses to see if Couple has done all they can to save their marriage. Women can re-marry after 90 days.
      • Women can marry after 90 days to make sure she isn't pregnant.
    • Same- Sex relationships
      • Christians and Jewws agree with same sex relationships as God made us all equal.
      • Christian teaching disagree with homosexuality (attracted to the same sex)
      • Homosexuality is forbidden in the Torah


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