Religion - relationships

Key words, adultery, contraception, sex and cohabitation.

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  • Relationships
    • Key words
      • Celibacy - not having sex e.g a munk or a nun
      • Chastity - no sex before marriage, (important in Judaism and Christianity)
      • Commitment - being dedicated to someone or something.
      • Conflict - stresses and strains (arguments or disagreements) that happen in all human relationships.
      • Reconciliation - saying sorry, making up after an argument.
      • Responsibilities - things you're ament to do.
    • Four types of love. PEAS. Philia - love of friends and family.    Eros - sexual love, physical and between two people. Agape - love given freely and undeservedly Storge - love for animals and things (like lovin food yh)
    • Christianity - sex & contraception
      • Sex is a gift from god, should only take place when married, when two people married they become one, chastity is important before marriage and sex in marriage.
      • Bible doesn't forbid birth control, some believe artifical forms of birth control are wrong, preventing creating a life, some Christians use it to plan family sizes. (how many kids and when to have them)
      • Adultery
        • Sex is just for marriage, shouldn't be shared, Ten Commandments forbid it (you should not commit adultery - use this  to back up the Ten Commandments point), It's harmful to relationship, family can be harmed, partner feels cheated, betrayed ,rejected
    • Judaism - sex & contraception
      • Sex i a gift from God, only have sex in marriage, bringing up children is why Jews should wait to have sex when married, purpose of sex is to have kids and show love for partner.
      • Contraception is accepted, rhythm method preferred, condoms not accepted as they reduce pleasure, use the quote 'Go forth and multiply'' as a reason to why contraception may not be accepted
      • Adultery
        • Sex outside of marriage is now allowed, has to take place in a stable marriage, better for children to be raised by married parents, stable environment, family and kids are important in Judaism, Ten Commandments say 'You should not commit adultery'
    • Cohabitation
      • Two people aren't married but live together and have a sexual relationship.
      • Reasons for; get to know the person before deciding you want to be together, find out if you connect sexually, find out if u can live together, some people believe marriage is out of date.
      • Reasons against: Sex is made less special, sex before marriage is against religion, some people will have more than 1 sexual partner, children born out of marriage meaning less stable, provides temptation for people to have sex.


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