Relationships within Wuthering Heights and A Thousand Splendid Suns

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  • Relationships In A Thousand Splendid Suns and Wuthering Heights.
    • All the characters are married yet love someone else.
      • Lalia loves Tariq but is forced to marry Rasheed for her survival.
      • Catherine loves Heathcliff yet marries Edgar due to the social conventions at the time suggesting marrying someone from a lower class was societally unacceptable. Therefore, marries for conventional reasons: money, wealth, status. Rather than love.
    • Mariam's love for Aziza is her saving grace, because it gives a purpose which inevitably gives her the strength and ability to carry on.
      • Edgar's love for Catherine shows that familiar, innocent love is stronger than passion. However, Catherine shows how 'fickle' people can be about love, as she marries for status which she then has to sacrifice the love she carries for Heathcliff.
        • Similarly, Rasheed has to live with two wives in which he doesn't love. He has only gained what society expects: Marriage and a heir.
        • Cathy & Hareton share the same innocent love to that of Laila & Tariq. When everything else can go wrong to separate them, their love 'with-stands' it all.
    • Mariam loves her father but he denies her this love because she is a 'harami' she has a lower status than everyone else."
      • Heathcliff is also a outcast from society due to the fact he is a orphan.
    • Heathcliff reveals his love to Catherine through fighting for herand being haunted by her once she is dead.
      • Portrayed as a much more violent love.
      • Links to the idea that love is infinite for these characters. This unremitting love continues and haunts after 'life' as it cannot be at rest as no one settles for their 'true love'
    • Marriage is closely linked to betrayal as in Wuthering Heights Catherine marries Edgar, but then betrays Heathcliff
      • When Heathcliff marries Isabella; She betrays Edgar
      • Little love in any marriage. Mariam starts to love Rasheed but he is simply using her for his own advances in society. (Having a child)
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