Relationship poems

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  • Relationships
    • The Manhunt
      • 1st person
      • Patience is emphasized
        • Takes the whole of the poem for her to get close to her husband
      • Injuries described as being like broken objects
        • Taking away some of his humanity
      • "Porcelain collar-bone" - shows how fragile he is
      • "bullet"- is the culprit who has caused all the pain
      • "sweating, unexploded mine"- stress and tension caused by memories
      • Wife of a soldier
      • "foetus"- like having a baby their whole world has changed
    • Hour
      • "single hour"- short amount of time is precious
      • About the feelings arising from spending time with loved ones
      • Sonnet- 14 lines and predictable rhyme scheme
      • Traditional battle of love vs time
      • “love spins gold, gold gold from straw”- fairy tale character Rumpelstiltskin, able to transform gold into straw. Adds a magical feel
      • Final stanza there is single-word sentence "Now.". It`s simple, like the lovers' situation, and yet has a strong sense of being complete
    • Brothers
      • From speakers perspective of a 9yr old boy
      • Theme- rift between brothers
      • "unable to close the distance I set in motion" - metaphor
      • Explores relationship between siblings
      • "Saddled"- negative feelings the speaker has for his brother
      • The aspiration to be older and do "what grown-ups do" is apparent through the poem.
      • Looking back" used literally to refer to the older boy checking on the progress of his younger brother to find his bus fare, as well as metaphorically  look back through time.
    • Sonnet 116
      • Presents Shakespeare`s opinion of genuine love
      • Poem explores what is meant by love
      • Rhyme scheme- a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d, e-f-e-f, g-g
      • Uses repeated pairs of words
        • "love is not love"
        • "remover to remove"
      • Uses metaphors based on natural elements
        • "Is the star to every wand`ring bark"
      • Not changing appearance, love "bears it out even to the edge of doom". Shakespeare is using language associated with extremes to show the power of love
      • "Whose worth's unknown"- love is priceless
      • The poem ends on a defensive challenge- if the poet has made an error, and love is not enduring, then he has never written and no man has ever loved


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