relationship with magistrates and senators

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    • revision of the senatorial role
      • removed large numbers of disreputable characters.
        • 3 revisions of the senate- once in 28, once in 18 and once again in 11BC.
          • he wanted to reduce the number to the sullan figure of 600 from 1000. only 150 men were exprelled. he then wanted to reduce it to 300 but was only able to take it from 800-600.
    • qualification for membership
      • qualification was by birth and sometimes special grant.
      • augustus encouraged the hereditary nature of class- allowed sons of members to attend the senate when they came of age and wear a toga and tunic with purple stripe.
        • HOWEVER- he also added worthy men to the roll himself- he favored entry of equestrian class.
      • he also created a monetary qualification- needed 1 million sesterces for entry- usually in form of landed wealth.
    • restoration of dignity and responsibility
      • senators should offer wine and incense before taking their places.
      • wanted to encourage a more serious attitude-increased fines for non-attendance and forbade senators to leave Italy without permission.
      • SUETONIUS stated that during critical debates Augustus  chose people at random to speak: 'this was intended to make all present take an alert interest in proceedings'.
    • fewer sessions
      • reduced sessions to 2 a month and established the quorum necessary for different kinds of business.
    • competition encouraged
      • retained the prestige of the consulship-the stepping stone to achieving procunsulships and provinces etc.
      • allowed more experienced to become legato propraetoreof imperial provinces and command armies.
        • ex consuls also directed boards of senators- in charge of specifics e.g. supervision of grain and water, public works and highways and roads.
    • shortened tenure of consuls
      • AFTER 5 BC- shortened length of consulships from one year to 6 months.
        • gave more people a chance and also created more ex-consuls for administration.
        • enabled two pairs of consuls- the first pair- consules ordinarii and the second pair- consoles suffecti
        • also opened consulship to more 'new men'/ novus homo
    • increased responsibility for praetors
      • praetors in charge of urban jurisdiction,two were also appointed to manage the state treasury.
        • 3 ex praetors also in charge of military treasury
          • after 22 BC also took charge of games and festivals from aediles.
    • quaestorship
      • allowed young members to gain experience in admin
        • aediles had lost  lot of responsibility- e.g. games in 22, water supply in 11 and fire control in 6ad.


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