Relationship Breakdown (Duck)

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  • Duck (1982)
    • Breakdown (1) - when one of the partners becomes distressed with the way the relationship is conducted
      • Inequitable relationships likely to create dissatisfaction, so this realisation that the person is no longer willing or able to stand this may be the first step in eventual breakdown of the relationship
    • Intrapsychic Phase (2) - characterised by brooding focus on the relationship and  a consideration on whether they would be better off out of the relationship
      • In this phase the individual may not express their dissatisfaction to their partner but may express it in different ways ie: writing In a diary or being socially withdrawn to take stock  of the relationship. Some may end without even discussing their dissatisfaction.
    • Dyadic Phase (3) -  individuals confront their partners and discuss feelings of dis satisfaction and discuss future of relationships
      • Feelings of guilt and anger likely to surface and other partner may have concerns to discuss. couples become aware on what is keeping them together and the costs of ending relationships ie; children/financial investments
    • Social Phase (4) -  share feelings of dissatisfaction with network of friends and family this is crucial as it makes it harder for partners to deny there is a issue and also hard to reconcile.
      • Other people may takes sides, offer advice + support, or help in mending disputes.
    • Grave-dressing Phase (5) - having left relationship. partners try to justify their actions. important as partners need to each present themsek
      • Partners try to paint themselves in a better light, making the other partner look worse than themselves.  They may also try to strategically reinterpret their view of their partner i.e.: may have been previously attracted to 'rebellious' nature but label them now as irresponsible.


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