Relationship Breakdown

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  • Relationship Breakdown
    • 1. Breakdown
      • One partner becomes distressed with the way that the relationship is conducted
    • Duck created a model of relationship breakdown that describes the different phases that PPL go through during the breakdown of a relationship
    • 2. Intrapsychic phase
      • A person thinks over their relationship and considers if they would be better out of it
    • 3. Dyadic phase
      • A person confronts their partner and discusses their feelings + the future of the relationship
    • 4. Social phase
      • Discontent spills over to friends + family, as the distress experienced by one or both partners is made public
    • 5. Grave-dressing phase
      • Partners construct a depiction of the failed relationship that doesn't paint them in a bad light
    • Evalutaion
      • Ethics: protection (distress), privacy.
      • Social phase: older people have lower expectations of finding new partners but younger people do
      • Application: It stresses the importance of talking during relationship breakdowns. (couples therapy)
      • Personal Growth: Final stage (Resurrection) opportunity to move on from the distress
      • Grave dressing: It helps PPL to deal with the after effects of having a relationship breakdown


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