Relations with Spain

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  • Relations with Spain
    • Spain: commercial rivalry
      • competed for market & resources in New World
      • Spain conquered Mexico & Peru
        • provided government with gold & silver
        • control over sugar cane & tobacco
      • Spanish control of Netherlands= closed trade routes
        • reduced income & profits
      • England commercial rival to Spain
        • Francis Drake travelled distances to trade
      • Spanish control of New World= no English trade
        • efforts to make money= conflict
      • merchants (funded financially) raided Spanish colonies
      • Dutch rebels encouraged to attack Spanish ships
        • loss of silver= bankruptcy & no soldiers
      • Drake was knighted
        • Elizabeth's defiance towards Spanish commercial interests
      • war was only way to keep Spanish commercial interests
    • Spain: political and religious rivalry
      • Phillip was backed by pope
      • Spain & Catholicism= threat
      • Phillip involved in plots
      • Dutch= protestant
        • Spanish campaign changed that
          • angered English government
      • Elizabeth helped the Dutch protestants
        • allowed rebel ships passage
        • provided financial support
        • encouraged attack on spanish shipping & colonies
      • Spanish Fury= where troops looted Antwerp
        • troops unpaid (no fund)
      • Pacification of Ghent= document for troops to leave Netherlands
      • Late 1584
        • control over Netherlands restored (under Duke of Alba)
        • English allies (Duke of Alencon & William of Orange) dead
        • Treaty of Joinville united France & Spain against England & Netherlands
        • Dutch Catholics ready to make peace (strengthen Phillip)
      • England close to war with Spain
        • Phillip blamed England for making Dutch situation worse
        • Elizabeth's government blame Spain for plots against her
        • Phillip blamed England for attack on Spanish ships


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