Emperors & their relations with equestrians/knights

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  • Relations with equestrians
    • Augustus 27BC - 14AD
      • Concerned with preserving the dignity and majesty of the equestrian class (Suetonius)
      • Threw those with scandalous lives out of the equestrian order (Suetonius)
    • Tiberius 14AD - 37AD
      • Some were getting themselves downgraded so they could appear on stage: Tiberius found out and exiled them. (Suetonius)
      • Refused to allow Sejanus to marry Livia (Tacitus)
    • Caligula 37D - 41AD
      • Publicly degraded those guilty of wicked behaviour (Suetonius)
      • Encouraged plebs to steal the seats of knights at the theatre and gave them permission to wear senatorial dress (Cassius Dio)
    • Claudius 41AD - 54AD
      • Awarded consular homes to provincial knights (Suetonius)
      • New regulations for the military careers of knights (Suetonius)
    • Nero 54AD - 68AD
      • Reserves seats for knights at the circus (Suetonius)
      • Made 400 senators and 600 knights fight in the arena - humiliation (Suetonius)
    • Vespasian 69AD - 79AD
      • Reformed the order (Suetonius)
      • Removed undesirables and replaced them with more eligible men (Suetonius)
      • Senators possibly treated as a cut above the knights (Suetonius)
    • Domitian 81AD - 96AD
      • Campaign for improving public morals - forbade members of the public from taking seats reserved for knights (Suetonius)
      • Struck a knight off the roll for accusing his wife of adultery and then taking it straight back again (Suetonius)


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