Relational Database Mindmap

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  • Relational Databases
    • What is a relational database?
      • A relational database consists of tables linked together by key fields
    • Components of a relational database
      • Entities-The data that's been collected
      • Tables-The representation of data, that is stored in rows and columns
      • Forms-Where data is submitted
      • Queries-These are the requests for data from the database
      • Reports-These are presentations of data from the database
    • Operators
      • Operators are words and symbols that are used to get data from the database
      • Boolean operators-AND, OR and NOT
      • Arithmetic operators-/,* and +
      • Comparison operators-==,< and !=
    • Key fields
      • A key field is a unique identifier in each table
    • Input validation
      • Data type-checks that the data inputted is the correct data type
      • Range check-checks that the data is in the correct range


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