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  • Reincarnation
    • Brahman
      • Is not a 'He'
      • Is not "God"
      • Can not be anthropo-morphised
      • Transcends all empirical categories, limitations and dualities
        • Brahman is not intelligent, Brahman is intelligence
    • The goal of Hinduism is self discovery
    • The Vedas
      • 4 original books
        • Written in Sanskrit
          • Influenced the English language
          • language of the gods
      • Upanishads
        • Commentary of the Vedas
      • Mahabharata
        • Great Indian epic
        • Tries to portray Vedas ideas
        • Bhagavad Gita
          • Believes in an immortal soul which comes back in a new body
            • Dualistic view of the soul
          • "Just as a person casts off worn garments and puts on others that are new, even so does the disembodied soul cast off worn-out bodies and take on others that are new"


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