Reichstag Fire Febuary 1927 (1933)

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  • Reichstag Fire Febuary 1927 (1933)
    • 1. Hitler used event to increase power and influence
    • 2. Persuades Hindenberg to pass Article 46 which allows Hitler to gain emergency powers
      • Hitler was given the power to ban Communist Party of Germany (KPD)
      • Hitler was given the power to pass 'The Decree for the Protection of People and State
        • Main effects of the Degree:
          • Nullified the key liberties of the German People
          • Used as a legal  basis for the imprisonment of opponents to Nazi Government
          • Censor publications that were not 'friendly' to Nazi cause
        • S.A went on a rampage, used terror and illegal methods to disadvantage  other parties
        • 4,000 communists arrested and taken to make-shift camps
    • The Reichstag was used as sufficient propaganda / Hitler = 'savior of Germany'


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