Rise of the Nazis - Reichstag Fire

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  • Reichstag Fire
    • The fire happened just 6 days before the 1933 election
    • Theories about the fire
      • The fire was the work of one man (Van der Lubbe)
      • The fire was the work of the Communists
        • Start a revolution
      • The fire was the work of the Nazis
        • Place blame on the Communists
        • Win over the public's and Hindenberg's support
    • Hindenberg, after being convinced by Hitler that it was the start of a Communist revolution signed an emergency decree
      • The leaders of the Communist party were rounded up and put in prison
      • Hitler was given power to close meetings of other parties
      • Newspapers could be censored
      • Private mail could be checked
      • All of this was very useful to the Nazi party as it was 6 days before the election


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