regulation of barristers

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  • barrister regulation
    • representative body
      • bar council
        • fulfils a trade union function
        • brings bars issue to government attention
          • legal aid payment
        • promotes fair justice for all
        • use to be responsible for barrister discipline
          • was causing conflict
    • regulatory body
      • bar standards board
        • sets training/entry standards
        • can pass onto Disciplinary Tribunal
          • independant bat tribunals and adjudication service
          • reprimand , further training, fine up to £50,000, 12 mth suspension, disbar
        • can take further to legal ombudsman
    • complaints
      • first use chamber complaint procedure
      • then bar standards board
      • can sue in civil courts for negligence
        • Said Ali V Sydney Mitchell and Co 1980
      • also liable to sure for conduct of advocacy


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