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  • Regional contrasts in development in Italy
    • Italy = country of considerable regional contrasts
      • In terms of its physical and cultural landscape & Economy and levels of development
    • Been in Existence since 1861
      • Number of small states
      • Vatican City and San Marino still independent
    • Northern Italy
      • Extensive areas of flat and fertile land
      • Drained by River Po + Tributaries
      • Continental Cimate
      • Rainfall = 800m
      • Temp= 0.23 oC
      • Flowing streams from Alps
        • Form border + provided early sources of power and provided trade routes and access to northern and western
      • Agriculture
        • Modern, highly mechanised and commerical
        • Main products= wheat and livestock products, vines and oil
      • Some mineral resources
        • small quantity
        • net importer of fuel resources
      • potential in north = accessibility to economic core of western Europe
      • industrailisation came late- second half of 19th Century
        • Meant it was modern and able to benefit from development in Europe
      • industry owned by private-owned Entrepreneurs
        • built industry empires
        • Fiat & Pirelli
      • Industrial development in industrial triangle between Milan, Turin and Genoa
        • GDP increased by 8% in 1961
      • Oil crisis in mid 1970s
        • Slowing down of economy
      • Top 10 nation within the world
    • Peninsular Italy
      • South of the North Italian Plain
        • An area that suffers from the increasing remoteness from the core of Italy and Europe
      • Apennine Mountains
        • Form a significant barrier to the communication
        • Rivers flow either to the Adriatic Sea to the east or the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west
      • Areas of lowland
        • Scare apart from a narrow coastal plain and in the river valleys
      • Volcanic soils close to Naples - most areas have poor and infertile soil
      • climate becomes severe with higher summer temp and seasonal rainfall
      • 2 distinct zones
        • 1) Central Italy- southern edge of Pa Valley to Rome
          • This region is experiencing considerable economic [rogress.
          • Due to proximity to highly industrialised area in the north
        • 2) Mezzogiorno - south of Rome and includes the Islands of Sicilly and Sardinia
          • This region has the most contrast in regional development
      • Mezzogiorno = 40% of Italy's land area
        • 33% of pop.
        • one of the poorest region in all of Europe
        • Colonial exploitation by Spain + Northern America = economic deprivation
      • Influence of Mafia = negative influence due to concerns in attracting outside investment


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