Regency Crisis 1788-1789

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  • Regency Crisis 1788-1789
    • What was it?
      • King George III had a period of mental instability. Therefore the Prince of Wales (George IV) took over as Prince Regent
    • What did Pitt do?
      • Pitt introduced the Regency Bill.
        • The Regent had no powers to create new peers or to grant pensions
        • The Royal household was at the Queen's disposal and that she was in charge of the Kings person.
        • Had no share in managing the King's real or personal estate
        • Most importantly: The Regent was obliged to keep the King's present givernment
    • Was it successful?
      • Yes!
      • It restricted the Princes power, and prevented him from dissolving Pitt's government
    • Why was it a threat?
      • The Prince Regent favoured Fox-Pitt's rival
      • If George III died, Fox would become PM, and Pitt would lose his job.
      • George III hated Fox and prevented him from being PM
      • Prince Regent hated his father and would purposefully remove Pitt from Government to aggravate him


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