Reflecting and Refracting Telescopes

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  • Refracting and Reflecting Telescopes
    • A refracting telescope if made up of an objective lens and an eyepiece lens.
      • 1. The objective lens converges light to a focus to form a real image.
      • 2. The rays of light from the real image enter the eyepiece.
      • 3. The lens spreads the light rays so they leave at a wider angle than they had entered so the light rays fill more of your retina.
      • 4. This makes the image look magnified.
    • A reflecting telescope uses mirrors to collect light and an eyepiece.
      • 1. A large concave mirror collects the parallel rays of light from an object.
      • 2. The mirror reflects this light onto a different smaller mirror.
      • 3. The second smaller mirror reflects light through a hole in the centre of the larger mirror. A real image is formed behind the mirror.
      • 4. A converging eyepiece lens is used to magnify the image.


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