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  • Reforms of civil court
    • Lord Woolf- civil justice system should
      • be Just in the result it delivers
      • be fair in the way it treats it ligitants
      • offer appropriate procedures with reasonable costs
      • deal with cases at a reasonable speed
      • be understandable to those who use it
    • civil court reality
      • unequal
      • expensive
      • slow
      • uncertain
      • complicated
      • Three track
        • simplifying documents and procedures
        • Improve information tech and ADR
    • The effects of Woolf Reforms
      • Problems
        • ADR not used enough
        • costs of cases increased- costs greater than claimed (fast track)
        • Under source in It system
    • Further reforms
      • reform changes
        • Financial - small and fast)= limits increased=to avoid expensive trials for Lower value claim
          • Personal injury= 1000 increase to 5000
        • civil procedure rule emphasis = deal with cases justly to cost
      • Latest review Led Briggs 2016
        • out of hours private mediation service= in county court
        • online court should be set up
      • Online courts
        • claims of up to £25000
          • to litigants an effective access to justice without incur disproportionate cost of lawyer


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