Reformist and Radical Ecology

Topic 4:D

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  • Reformist and Radical Ecology
    • Radical
      • Completely rejects Capitalism
        • A system of commodification
          • Social ecology
      • Tackles enviromental degradation through...
        • Eco-socialism; a new ideological system must replace Capitalism
        • Eco-anarchism; critique of hierarchy.Abolition of state for decentralised communities
        • Eco-feminism;domination of women= nature. Post-patriarchal society
    • Reformist
      • Seeks to reconcile the key aspects of Capitalism with ecology
        • 'Limits to growth' e.g. enviromental degradation threatens the economy and prosperity
        • Utilitarianism
      • Tackles environmental degradation through...
        • Market ecology; 'green capitalism' using strategies such as 'green taxes'
        • Global governance or 'international regimes', reducing 'tragedy of the commons'
        • Human ingenuity;the development of new technologies such as electric cars


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