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  • Reformation
    • Core Reason
      • Henry wanted a divorce from Catherine because she was unable to give him the son he wanted
      • The Pope needed to grant him it but The Pope refused
        • The Holy Roman Emperor was Catherine's nephew and The Pope didn't want to cross him
      • Henry used an argument from the bible, which says that it is wrong to marry his brother's widow
        • Using the bible meant that God was on his side
        • However Catherine also used the bible against him
      • Henry wanted to marry Anne and decided to disobey The Pope
      • Henry passed the Act of Supremacy, declaring the king head of the Church in England
      • The Break with Rome officially split England from Rome and Henry granted his own divorce in 1532
    • New Religion
      • A religious change was sweeping through Europe as well
      • Martin Luther, a monk, Spoke out about the wrong doings of the Catholic Church and created a new religion, Protestantism
      • Protestantism thought that worship should be simple and for everyone
        • Masses were simple and all prayers were said in English
      • The biggest difference was that Protestants didn't believe that the bread and wine transformed into the physical Body and Blood of Christ, but only represented it
    • Dissolution of the Monasteries
      • This was the major change that happened throughout England
      • It involved shutting down monasteries and convents due to the monks and nuns being unfaithful to Henry
        • Also monks were believed to not follow the laws that a monk has to obey to
      • The monasteries also had a lot of land and money, which Henry was short of at the time.
    • Henry's Religion
      • Henry still believed in Catholic beliefs and may have just used Protestantism as an excuse to break with Rome and shut down the monasteries
      • As Henry began to die, he made England a bit more Catholic again, after changing so much


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